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Featuring an Avanti -Long Arm Quilting Machine



Christene Beaver:

I learned how to sew from my grandmother Julie Spiotta many years ago.  I felt like it was such great bonding time with her, and then I started teaching my own granddaughter Kayden Beaver how to sew and it really was the same kind of experience.   I want to be able to keep the craft alive, helping people do things with their hands and using their imagination and creativity and it’s a great bonding tool to do with others instead of their devices all the time.

We are located in the heart of Salem, New York, right on Main Street.  We believe in the value of small local, “Mom & POP” stores.  We offer personalized services close to home, and if you don’t see what you want, ask and we will do our best to fulfill your needs.

When we first opened, our store was named “The Quilting Beaver” but as my granddaughter became more interested and involved I said I can’t pay you yet and she said put an S at the end of the name of the store making it “The Quilting Beavers”.  So we’re a team creating memories one quilt at a time.

Let us help you make memories.

We feature an Avanti -Long Arm Quilting Machine

Christene Beaver has over 10 years experience in Quilting, Knitting and Sewing.

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